Information Databases

Capturing, storing and delivering data

Many businesses need their website to do more than just display information or generate leads. More advanced systems often require the capture of data from website users.

Bespoke website reporting

Examples include:

Internal management systems – Databases can be used to create a system within your website, behind secure log ins that will allow you to enter client details, business data, staff data etc according to your requirements.

Data capture and delivery – Website forms can be created on the front end of your site to capture information filled out by users. This could be names, age, email addresses, interests, etc based on the fields provided. This data can be stored in a database and delivered back to the website admins in the most suitable form for you e.g. Tables, Graphs etc.

edirect have been creating very bespoke systems for over 7 years and our PHP developers have created many unique and individual systems. We always enjoy working with companies that have very original and specific requirements and are happy to face any challenge.

Ollie Lawson - Head of Technical

Ollie Lawson

Head of Technical
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Our PHP developers have created many unique and individual systems


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