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If you own an E Commerce site, you are probably aware that these websites are a little bit different to normal websites and come with their own set of needs. If your website keeps crashing or customers are finding it difficult place an order, then you will need to rethink your E Commerce web hosting.

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Why you need specialised E Commerce hosting

E Commerce sites have their unique needs due to the influx of traffic being significantly higher than other websites. These sites send more requests to the server, some of which are not equipped to deal with these requests and can cause major issues such as site downtime.

Site speed is important for user experience and the success of business’ online presence. If your website is slow to load this will only drive visitors away to your competitors. No one likes to wait especially if you want to buy something online quickly.

Over the last few years, there has been a steep rise in mobile usage accessing the internet. To cope with the mobile demands, E Commerce websites have to be placed onto fast servers to satisfy all visitors.

Subsequently, with the rise in visitors to E Commerce sites, hosting has to adapt to this market trend. Higher security levels are standard to protect the website and its visitors from malevolent forces. The hosting needs for these websites have to be customised to cope with the visitors, site demands and many more factors.

Need an E Commerce website built? edirect provide E Commerce development services

What edirect Link provide

When you choose edirect to host your E Commerce site, you will get a fully customised hosting package for your website. Our high-speed and reliable servers can host shops built in PrestaShop, Magento, and Woo commerce to name a few. Every website will be placed on a secure server with little-to-no downtime and SSL integration as standard.

Don’t let your E Commerce suffer, host your website with edirect today.

Ollie Lawson - Head of Technical

Ollie Lawson

Head of Technical
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Every website will be placed on a secure server and little-to-no downtime with SSL integration as standard


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