Magento Website Development

Customise your E Commerce site to match the needs of your business and customers

Magento is a premium website engine, suitable for any size of business, allowing your website to grow with your developing business.

Magento e-commerce site development

Key Features

Flexible product listings

Products can be added in a simple structure, or created to serve complex variations.

Easy to use category pages

By using product attributes, your customers can easily search using filters.

Apply discounts and offers

Capitalise on magento’s system that allows you to easily apply rules to customer carts.

Variable shipping elements

Choose from simple fixed delivery costs, to more complex delivery settings, by price, weight and location.

Site Speed

Contrary to popular belief, Magento websites can be built to run fast, given the right structure and hosting environment.

Your website will also be hosted on customised web servers

Additional Bespoke elements

SEO driven

Hreview mark-up will allow your products to be listed more attractively in Google.

Addition of Blog will allow you to attract more visitors to your site through organic search.

Google Shopping

Add your site to Google shopping giving you an additional way to target your customers

Automated Email marketing

Newsletters and personal customers updates can be built into and sent directly from the Magento system, increasing repeat custom.

Loyalty points

Encourage customer loyalty with a points system.

Ollie Lawson - Head of Technical

Ollie Lawson

Head of Technical
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Allowing your website to grow with your developing business.


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