Cost-effective Marketing

A great advertising platform to get noticed, flyers are one of the most cost-effective methods for promoting your businesses, as these are purchasable in large quantities at a low cost. However, that doesn’t mean that they are an insufficient advertising avenue by any means– not when designed well!

Flyer design and printing

Flyers can be adapted to suit the needs of every business and offer a great advertising platform that will be noticed by the masses. When using flyers, your business has a chance to create a favourable and long-lasting impression with large sectors of the general public. At edirect, we are able to design and print high-quality flyers that fulfill these expectations.

Other cost-effective forms of marketing include:

Whether you require typographical information, impactful graphics or a mixture of both, our graphic design team will create a solution that grabs attention.  We resist the urge to cram your layout full of words, instead choosing professional design principles to ensure your marketing material is legible, communicating your corporate message clearly.

For example, as a general rule, we recommended to restrict the use of font styles in your flyer design. Less is more in this regard.  We insist on a maximum of two font families, in a variation of bold, italic or regular versions of the same font – revealing how our design team take low-budget marketing materials as seriously as the rest!

Like most of our print design services, our graphic designers are able to design flyers to suit your needs and budget. For effective and professional flyers that add another dimension to your advertising, choose edirect.

Gonzalo Lago Amor - Brand Manager

Gonzalo Lago Amor

Brand Manager
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Flyers to suit your needs and budget


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