Growth of E-Commerce sales

Growth of E-Commerce sales

UK recession

Over the past few years, there is no doubt business has been hard for most small UK businesses, economic growth has been miniscule, and many small businesses have had to cease trading as a result.

Now I’m going to let you into a little secret. The recession only exists in stores. You only have to see how quiet your local high street is to realise that. While all these stores have been struggling to make sales, the growth of e-commerce sales has continued at an impressive rate.

E-commerce vs all retail

This table uses statistics from ONS (the office of national statistics)

It shows the year on year sales growth % (based on same month in the previous year) for a sample of months in 2012.

Month All retail (%) Internet sales (%)
April 0.4 18.1
May 3.3 21.6
June 1.9 14.3
July 3.1 14.2


These statistics clearly show that retail is still growing on the internet. And why not? It’s easier for customers to make purchases, and cheaper for retailers supply their products and services online. See benefits of an e commerce design. I would also like to point out the massive spike in sales in Dec 2010 and 2011, where do you think consumers are doing their Christmas shopping. Amazingly there appears to be no change in the graph for all retail in December. I am sure that every small business now needs to run an e-commerce venture alongside their high street presence.

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