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Aruba Restaurant & Bar by day
Beach club by night

Aruba beach club is a very popular Bournemouth establishment. They have a significant USP of being based on Bournemouth pier, with a balcony overlooking the busiest area of Bournemouth beach. edirect have been working with Aruba for over five years now. Over this period we have developed their last 2 websites and provided them with both PPC and SEO marketing services. We have taken great pleasure in being able to market a business of their quality.

The main challenge we have always faced with Aruba, is that they have 2 separate target audiences. During the day, the restaurant mainly attracts families, and during the evening the venue is transformed into a club that attracts Bournemouth students and young professionals. Striking an even balance between marketing to both audiences has posed challenges for both out design and marketing teams.

01. Our web design solution

The latest web solution has allowed us to target the two very distinct audiences in an effective manner. We have created two separate sections to the Aruba website. Providing a clear interest based user flow.
Following their initial selection the design and voice of the website pages they reach are targeted to the anticipated user type.

02. Aruba by day

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03. Aruba by night

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04. Responsive Websites

Responsive Website Design

05. SEO service

While Aruba is one of the most popular venues in Bournemouth, this was not reflected in their web presence and online traffic. Due to their original website being highly image based with thin content throughout, this led to conflict with Google algorithm updates (2013-2014), which were heavily focused on content quality. These had left them with very poor rankings within the Google Search Engine, which the quality and the popularity of this business did not deserve.

As a result our SEO team worked closely with the Web Development and Design teams, as well as the client to ensure the new site had a high level of content quality. This was followed by continued optimisation of the website which ensured a great improvement in search engine rankings and traffic was continually improved upon. In addition the SEO team would ensure high rankings for all of the significant events throughout the year, for example Christmas and New Year and the Bournemouth air show plus many more.

06. Optimisation process

During the initial review of Aruba’s SEO optimisation, it was very easy to identify that the main area for improvement was website optimisation. While they had a high level of authority within search engines this was not transferring into high rankings due to issues with content quality and keyword relevance. As a result the campaign was planned to increase the volume of content on their site, with additional pages that targeted search terms based on search volume and realistic competition levels.

During the development of the new site the SEO team also ensured that a number of key structural elements were included to ensure that the site was effective for SEO, this included search Mark-up features, site speed optimisation and CMS functions to allow editing of the URL’s and Meta titles and descriptions. As the campaign was highly content based the communication with the client also had to be strong, as they were highly active on inputting content. As a result E Direct Link also held training sessions with the client to ensure they understood the most effective process for adding additional content.

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07. Keyword Ranking

E Direct Link targeted an initial 50 keywords for the Aruba website. Within a 6 month period, the majority of these were achieved. Following the initial achievements, meetings were held with the client which resulted in targeting specific holiday terms. These were regularly achieved including front page listings for Christmas and New Year party terms, which were highly competitive.

08. Traffic channels

Online Traffic Reporting

09. Traffic increase

All of the work provided, the systems put in place and the resultant rankings increase ultimately had an impressive effect on traffic volumes. This brought in overall traffic from 6,142 to 10,626 visits per month, within a 6 month period. This has provided significant assistance in increasing footfall.

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