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Bournemouth’s latest elite nightspot

Bar Republiq is a latest Bournemouth nightspot providing elite night life. edirect was tasked with building the identity system for this Manhattan-themed bar.

This consisted of brand logo, signage, print and print promotion for the Bar Republiq launch party and subsequent branded Sunset Saturday night. Deliverables included posters, invites and gorilla advertising.

Bar Republiq is an intimate space, by intention. This is because in its infancy, the themed bar was to welcome VIPs only, a fraternity of sorts. With this in mind, edirect not only designed logotype but also an exclusive monogram, which acted as a ‘secret’ emblem. This was first revealed in gorillia advertising deliverables, before being revealed to club goers within the interiors of the establishment itself.

01. Logo Design

The Bar Republiq logo type adhered to several parameters, which ultimately led to the approved design you see. First and foremost, the logo was to function as signage and to fit a specific space. Secondly, this space had a very specific theme that the logo type had to reflect.

IM Fell English, with its contrasting weight of thick and thin strokes and design crudities created the vintage insight needed. This gave the brand specific aesthetics that aligned with its 1920s Manhattan Speakeasy image.

Logo design

02. Design

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03. Responsive Design

E Direct Link created a mobile-responsive website for Bar Republiq. The project brief was a website that would appeal to the target market. Our market research in the area showed that 80% of the target audience would access the website via mobile phones.

The challenge for E Direct Link was to create a website that maintained a strong page flow on mobile devices particularly with large image galleries. We succeeded in creating a strong page flow on the website with large images.

Responsive web design Bournemouth
Logo Design Service in Bournemouth

04. Monogram

Bar Republiq looked to take its speakeasy theme to a whole new level, by empowering VIPs through exclusive access. This saw E Direct Link also design a brand monogram, which was recognisable as its ‘secret’ symbol and ‘club badge’ to its elite clients. This monogram was applied to pre-launch gorilla advertising to peek intrigue and interest.

05. Official Launch Invite

E Direct Link provided Bar Republiq with branded deliverables that helped to promote its VIP Open Night. The Manhattan theme was translated into printed invites, via branded fonts and recognisable styles.

Invitation design Service

These invites were printed on uncoated papers, forgoing a digital press that simply wouldn’t have existed in the 1920s. The look and feel of this was then applied to stock served, to enhance the retro themes recurring throughout the Bar Republiq brand.

Invite Graphic Design

06. Print

Menu Design