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Bournemouth’s based bar and nightclub

Bar So are a well-established bar and nightclub located in the heart of Bournemouth. They operate in a B2C environment with their target audience being a mixture of young professionals and students.

Bar So tasked edirect to create a website that would embody the venue’s clean and stylish image.

We incorporated features such as mobile-responsiveness to target Bar So’s core audience who would access the site via their mobile devices.

They also wanted to improve their presence on Google and wanted effective marketing solutions that would drive traffic and visitors.

01. Web design

Web design Services

During the first meeting, the client stated clearly that the website had to represent the brand with the design being clean and stylish. We settled on a minimalist theme for the website which was built on the WordPress platform.

To help entice users to visit Bar So, we customised the website with a video opening banner that conveyed the great club atmosphere in the venue. Our web design team also added an Events Listing feature to the site so that users could see what the latest events were for Bar So. We also wrote several marketing articles to help promote the company’s brand.

SEO Service

The customer wanted to push Bar So’s presence in Google amongst the many bars and nightclubs in the Bournemouth area which is a competitive market. They specified that they wished to target restaurant, bar and club terms as part of their SEO campaign.

During the SEO campaign, we created and optimised landing pages that targeted these SEO keywords – this was a key part of the content marketing drive. Our SEO team also ensured that Bar So’s location was optimised for Google Maps and targeted relevant events. As a result, we doubled their site traffic within a 3 month period.

03. Keyword ranking

04. Traffic Channels

Digital Traffic analysis
visitor rate analysis

05. Site Retention

Studies have shown that the cost of bringing a customer to your website is much more than that of customer retention. We measure customer retention by using the following metrics:

  • How many visitors return to your site?
  • How often do they come back?
  • What is the ratio of returning visitors to all visitors (see graphic)?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • Did they see the key content on your site?
  • What is your retained visitor conversion rate?
  • What is your retention rate?