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Bellaggio Pizzeria

Bellaggio’s is the premier pizzeria in Bournemouth, where vintage interiors are matched with traditionally cooked delicacies. Authentic stone baked pizzas as well as a warm welcome are just a pinch of what visitors can expect.

edirect were tasked with translating the restaurant’s atmosphere into a visual medium, via digital and print design. This meant producing web themes that would showcase and immerse viewers in the Bellaggio experience before even stepping a foot inside.

01. Video Landing Page

The edirect web development team achieved its goals in promoting Bellaggio’s unique service via a welcome landing page upon opening the site. This become the optimum way to promote Bellaggio as an experience rather than a mere sitting.

This video provides a sense of place, sets expectations and ultimately entertains visitors, creating a much higher chance of them actually booking and ordering at Bellaggios.

Landing page design

02. Web Design

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03. Responsive Design

Responsive Menu Design