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Blue Chip are an established company that provide IT services.

Based in Poole, they needed help to increase traffic and conversion from their website as they were not getting the results they wanted. Blue Chip got in touch with edirect as they heard about our effective marketing strategies for businesses.

After a detailed consultation, we recommended a marketing strategy that combined SEO and PPC together for maximum impact. The campaigns were designed to help drive organic and paid traffic to the Blue Chip website.

01. SEO

We conducted a thorough analysis of Blue Chip’s target keywords and its competition. As part of the SEO campaign, we provided on page optimisation so that every page was SEO friendly and would provide the desired conversion.

The SEO team also optimised the site structure to improve the efficiency and readability of the Blue Chip which would boost its SEO score.

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02. PPC

To reach a national audience, we suggested a PPC campaign for Blue Chip. The campaigns were built around services such IAAS, Cloud storage, BYOD and Server security.

The PPC team created landing pages and optimised so that they would convert visitors into customers. We also set up heat maps and conversion tracking to improve site conversion rates where possible.