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Bramshaw branding requirements

Affordable luxury motorhomes for travel enthusiasts.

Bramshaw Leisure is a brand looking to enhance the experience of travel enthusiast via its luxury products. These range from 40-400k but no matter the cost, Bramshaw Leisure products look to supply consumers with the same outcome – an enhanced sense of well-being through their improved travel experiences.

The edirect designed this new corporate ID using a shield as the primary symbol. This plays on notions of trust, dependability and reliability – all values you would want associated with a luxury brand. The position and perspective of the motorhome iconography represents the superior product line that can be purchased via Bramshaw Leisure.

01. Logo Design

As Bramshaw Leisure is a professional company, dedicated to the families that invest in their products, every element of the logo has to shout ‘luxury!’

This is why we chose to apply a bold, flat font (San Serif) to promote a professional, trustworthy brand that only concerns itself with a client’s objective.

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