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Specialised aesthetic treatments.

Clinique Allure is a leading private clinic that specialises in carrying out aesthetic treatments using state of the art practises and technology. Run by qualified industry professionals, Clinic Allure is a fully licenced establishment that upholds strict government standards and requirements.

We needed to create a website that would represent the superior standards and professional image upheld by the clinic while informing prospective clientele with engaging, high-quality content.

01. Web development

Through several meetings with the Clinique Allure team, we came up with a fantastic website design that would allow users to easily reach the information that they require.

As a brand new business, we wanted to evoke an element of trust as soon as the consumer reaches the website. Using colours from the brand guidelines and a clear, precise layout, we made sure Clinic Allure is presented in a professional manner.

Part of Clinique Allure’s marketing campaign is the newsletter, through which subscribers receive news of the latest trends, procedures and offers. A major part of their website design was the implementation of an easy-to-use newsletter sign up widget.

The client also wanted a quick and secure way in which clients can place a deposit for their procedure. We ensured that the site linked to the Clinic Allure PayPal account, making that all-important confirmation a seamless process.

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02. SEO

We agreed with Clinique Allure to carry out a 12 month marketing plan which implemented SEO as the focal point of the strategy.

Before we started any official SEO work for Clinique Allure, we formed with them a basic list of keywords. We investigated all the keywords on the list, analysing visits, competition and their ranking, and eventually came up with a final batch of words to target locally and nationally.

Once all of the keywords had been finalised, we worked closely with Clinique Allure to ensure the existing content on their site was optimised. In addition to this, we set-up onsite and offsite SEO and carried out local SEO around the business premises.

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