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Sash restoration SEO requirements

The Sash Restoration Company is a long term client of edirect. Following the development of a new site in early 2015, our SEO team were provided the task of moving this new site to the top of the search engines for both local and national search terms.

This involved the creation of large volumes of additional content and specific local landing pages. In addition to this a number of structural changes were made to ensure that the site was operating at speed and the category and tag options were effectively structured for SEO.

SEO Services

01. Keyword Ranking

As this was a relatively new site the results were very rapid, and significant. The Local terms were achieved first which saw ranking positions for virtually every town across Dorset, Wiltshire and Hampshire, as well as the county based terms. Following this a number of national keywords were achieved.

SEO Reporting

02. Site Retention

Studies have shown that the cost of bringing a customer to your website is much more than that of customer retention. We measure customer retention by using the following metrics:

  • How many visitors return to your site?
  • How often do they come back?
  • What is the ratio of returning visitors to all visitors (see graphic)?
  • What pages did they visit?
  • Did they see the key content on your site?
  • What is your retained visitor conversion rate?
  • What is your retention rate?
Website Traffic Reporting

03. Traffic Channels

In a short period of time E direct Link were able to design ensure this new business was receiving regular leads.

Website Reporting

04. Traffic Increase

All of the work delivered and the resultant rankings improvements ensured that the ultimate goal was achieved of considerably improving the volume of visitors to the website. The website visits were doubled in the space of 4 months.

In addition to this the bounce rate for organic traffic is only 7%, which is testament to the quality of traffic the website is receiving from search engines.