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Display your banner adverts across highly targeted websites

When you have created an image ad that shows off your business, this image can then be displayed on a range of platforms within the Display Network. Display ads are usually found in the form of banners or small boxes of media rich content that advertises a product or business service. You may have already noticed them today when you have visited blog sites, news sites and even on social media.

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Generate more awareness

Display Network only advertising will let you manage where your display ads will be seen. You need to place your ads on websites that are relevant to the topic that you are advertising.

Targeting your demographic is one of the most essential aspects in Pay Per Clicks (PPC). What you need to do is research what other sites your users have visited to get the gist of where you should advertise your campaigns.

If you are struggling to decide where your ads should be placed, then this is where edirect’s knowledge will help you.

Create ads in all formats

It is important in the Display Network Only to create all types of ads from image, videos and other interactive and media rich forms. The reason for this is that some websites may only support one format, and you need to ensure that your advert can still be seen no matter what content the site supports.

Your ad needs to be simple and visual. Image ads in particular are a necessity in PPC campaigns. Visually appealing ads are essential if you want to attract the viewer and make them follow the link to your site.

Monitor your results

By working with edirect, we will follow the results of your display ads and work out what alternative strategies we can use to get more PPCs for your campaign. Tracking and monitoring your ad placements is important to be able to make the necessary changes and improve your conversion rates.

Navid D.Beni - Head Of Paid Advertising

Navid D.Beni

Head Of Paid Advertising
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