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As an online retailer, you need to find the best ways to promote your products online. At edirect, we recommend you choose the shopping advertising platform. Google Shopping Ads have steadily become an important part of successful ecommerce marketing.

Display your products within Google’s dedicated area for E Commerce

Shopping online with Google AdWords gives customers the chance to see your products in a clear and informative page strategy.

Since their initial launch in 2010, Google Shopping Ads have evolved into a marketing channel for many worldwide businesses. The ads greatly altered the paid marketing landscape and became a must-have ad format for businesses worldwide.

The number of retailers allocating some of their marketing budget towards Google Shopping Ads is steadily increasing. The ads have been proven to have a higher conversion rate than text alternatives.

When it comes to advertising, businesses always want a good ROI. With our campaigns, your advertising budget will be focused towards the right customer because the ad will simply not be shown to consumers who are not looking for your product.

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Promoting your product range through Google Shopping Ads is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your online store in our digital age. Small independent start-ups and large established brands alike will be able to benefit from Google’s option to help you greatly increase traffic to your website.

With edirect’s customised setup, you will have full control when it comes to managing your products and campaigns as well as the ability to accurately track performance. Efficiently organising the product categories and groups will enable you to see all important metrics without putting in any extra work.

Our marketing team would be happy to walk you through all the ways that featuring your products in Google’s shopping section will benefit your brand. Google Shopping Ads have been designed to give potential buyers a comprehensive idea of the product before they even click on the link.

In order to turn this opportunity into a profitable avenue, the setup needs to be skilful, with appropriate listings and ongoing management to track performance. This is where the edirect team comes in.

Advertise in detail

When users shop online, they want to know every detail of a product to ensure that it meets their needs. Without being able to see it in person, your customers will want to know not just the price but other factors like the size, quality and country of sale.

What you need is a campaign that makes readers click. By promoting products online through Google Search Network’s shopping campaign, your products will get the views they need to increase your profits and sales.

Google Shopping Ads are shown in two main places – on Google Shopping and at the top of search results when a potential customer searches for a desired product. They can also show up in an image search.

Google Shopping Ads will mean increased exposure and significant growth. They can be the key to driving brand awareness and outperforming the competition. Get in touch with edirect to discuss this option’s suitability for your company.

Search partners

Improving sales is every retailer’s goal. Getting the conversions you need makes all the difference between gaining and losing sales. Increasing the visibility of your products online is the only way to pull traffic to your products.

Come to edirect, and we will tell you about the Google Search Partner strategy. In this campaign, you can link your products to other websites that show ads as part of the Google Search Network. As a result, your products are not only displayed on one site but in multiple locations.

“Highly measurable marketing, reporting clear ROI”

Track your product performance

Retail is an ever-changing industry, where fashions and desires are always on the move. If you want to know how well your products are selling online, then the retail-centric reporting tools with the shopping campaign will enable you to research exactly where you stand in the market. Keeping track of your commercial transactions will allow you to record your sales and manage your retail business even more effectively.

Regardless of whether you are running a small business that is only starting out or an established company, appearing at the top of search results will help drive customers to buy your products. Consumers don’t need to be familiar with your brand to find you through Google because the products can appear whenever Google matches them to the user’s keywords.

Expanding your brand’s online visibility and tracking your product’s performance will be simple and effective. Because your products are only displayed to already interested users, the ads are highly successful when it comes to matching your business with potential consumers.

face to face consultations

Are you interested in a meeting? The edirect team welcomes you to our office situated in the heart of Bournemouth. We believe that every consultation is an exciting fresh opportunity for a long term working relationship.

We’d be happy to discuss your company’s suitability for Google Shopping Ads with you one on one. You will see the benefits as explained by one of our ecommerce marketing experts. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to book a meeting at a suitable time!

why choose us?

At edirect, our ethos is working hard to offer creative solutions and services designed to help our clients achieve their professional objectives. With nearly two decades of experience, our full service creative agency is here to help you take your brand to the next level.

Google Shopping Ads are a great way of improving sales and increasing your brand’s visibility. Our campaigns will get you the added traffic and successful conversions that you have been looking to achieve.

edirect boasts a unique close-knit team of experts within all facets of interactive development – creative, technical and strategic. We will work with you very closely in order to make sure you reach your goals faster than you thought possible.

All services are always fully bespoke as no two brands require the same type of approach. We would love to hear from you if you have been considering adding Google Shopping Ads to your marketing strategy.

The product listings that you submit to the platform need to be of the highest quality as this is what will be presented to potential buyers. As the foundation of your ads, it is of paramount importance that each category, description and the pricing structure are well thought out.

Reach out to edirect to discuss making your next Google Shopping Ads campaign a fantastic success. We will ensure that your campaign is structured in an effective way from launch to finish.

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