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As an online retailer, you need to find the best ways to promote your products online. At edirect, we recommend you choose the shopping advertising platform. Shopping with Google AdWords will give users the chance to view your products in a clear and informative page strategy.

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Advertise in detail

When users shop online, they want to know every detail of a product to ensure it meets their needs. Without being able to see it in person, your customers will want to know not just the price but other factors like the size, quality and country of sale.

What you need is a campaign that makes readers click. By promoting products online through Google Search Network’s shopping campaign, your products will get the views they need to increase your profits and sales.

Search partners

Improving your sales is every retailer’s goal. Getting the conversions you need makes all the difference between gaining and losing sales. Increasing the visibility of your products online is the only way to pull traffic to your products.

Come to edirect, and we will tell you about the Google Search Partner strategy. In this campaign, you can link your products to other websites that show ads as part of the Google Search Network. As a result, your products are not only displayed on one site but in multiple locations.

Track your product performance

Retail is an ever-changing industry, where fashions and desires are always on the move. If you want to know how well your products are selling online then the retail-centric reporting tools with the shopping campaign will enable you to research where you stand in the market. Keeping track of your commercial transactions will allow you to record your sales and manage your retail business.

Navid D.Beni - Head Of Paid Advertising

Navid D.Beni

Head Of Paid Advertising
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