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Target an audience that has shown an interest in your products and services

Remarketing is an incredibly strong online marketing technique. There are multiple platforms that now run re marketing ads, as part of our PPC services, every customer has the option to create a re marketing campaign.

Remarketing Service

What Is Re-marketing?

Re-marketing is when you reconnect with visitors to your website that didn’t make a purchase or enquire about your services. You can re-market your services by placing adverts in front of a specific audience (that visited your website in the past) while they browse the internet.
If the sales process in your industry is time-consuming or competitive, re-marketing is a great way to increase sale conversions and boost the profile of your company.

Benefits of re-marketing for your business

Re-marketing when done well will present your business with many benefits. We previously mentioned how it can help improve sale conversions. With re-marketing, there is a very low cost for every conversion which makes it viable for businesses of all sizes. The highly targeted marketing feature of this service mean it’s essential for businesses looking to capitalise on their online presence.

What edirect Link provide

As part of our AdWords service, we can monitor and manage your re-marketing campaign to ensure it achieves the success your business deserves. We work with both display network and video with consideration given to advert placements. Your adverts will only feature on relevant sites to maximise user conversion.
We will ensure that adverts are structured so that only the product or service that the customer looked at is reflected in the advert that is shown to them. We also pay attention to conversion lead time which will be the time period that the customer sees the ad and will be set in accordance with your business.
Converted customers go into an up-sell group, and non-converted customers will be shown the product or service they are interested in. By selecting edirect, you will receive full tracking and analysis with every campaign to ensure that it achieves its aim.

Why Choose edirect

  • Our paid advertising department is managed by an ex-Googler
  • We are a top level Google partner
  • Behind us, we have a multi-skilled team of PPC staff, graphic designers, web developers and copywriters
  • Remarketing is a single facet in our full range of marketing solutions
  • We combine tracking and conversion with remarketing

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Navid D.Beni - Head Of Paid Advertising

Navid D.Beni

Head Of Paid Advertising
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With strong website traffic, Re-Marketing is a low cost, high ROI method.


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