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One of the leading marketing strategies making an impact online today is the digital publishing of video content. So, why not harness the effective marketing power of video via edirect?

With more people finding it easier to watch a video online than read a chunk of written content, edirect advise you to join the online marketing revolution today and implement a video ad strategy for your business.

Video ads are simply a video advertising your business campaign and products.

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Where will you see them?

They run on video sites like YouTube and within Google Display Network videos, games and apps. As well as these popular video platforms, your ads may also run on other sites that have embedded a YouTube video on their pages.

What are they?

They are the ads that you see before the main video content is streamed. You may have noticed that when you click on a video, a short-clip advertisement is played first. This advert usually runs for five seconds or more before you can skip ahead to the main video.

This is where your business’ video advertisement will be played. These campaigns are also targeted in relation to what video content the user is searching for.

When you choose a video campaign, your video will pop up on websites that offer a similar service and will also reach out to people who are viewing a related topic on YouTube.

Why choose a video campaign?

This is a brilliant way to get users hooked. With no other option than to watch the first five seconds of your ad, you will have every opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention. Videos are now available on a whole range of media platforms and other websites, so you have more opportunity to increase PPC and get your advertisement seen by the right people.

Pay per click

When you use video advertising, you have more opportunity to increase PPC, which is a highly effective and measurable marketing technique. When searching Google, you will notice that there is a ‘Sponsored’ listing at the top and to the right of the normal organic search results.

These adverts are controlled by Google AdWords and they attract between 20% and 30% of all user click throughs, and this represents an opportunity to tap into a market that you would not ordinarily have access to.

While setting up a Google AdWords account is a relatively straight forward process, setting it up correctly so that it provides the most benefit at the lowest cost is a skill that has to be learned. Here at edirect, we have set up and continue to manage a number of successful campaigns for clients, and we tailor the campaigns to your specific needs and budget.

Facebook ads

At edirect, we can help your business utilise Facebook for business purposes, driving more sales and leads for your business through Facebook advertising. Facebook has now started putting adverts within the news feed, which means a higher CTR than ever before. Facebook account users will notice your business’ Facebook page as they scroll through their news feed and will then be driven to your website via the advert.

Here at edirect, we provide a highly customised advertising campaign for your business, structured by ex-Googler Navid, and delivered by a team of trained professionals. All Facebook adverts can be tracked through Google Analytics and we have trained in-house experts who are able to manage the targeting of your campaigns, set up the tracking, and deliver the user to the correct location.

When we monitor your Facebook adverts at edirect, we provide standard post-promotion, website promotion, Facebook Pixel Remarketing, and Facebook product advertising too.

We have experts in all online marketing fields in order to ensure the smooth creation of a campaign. So, whether you require graphic design, website editing, optimisation, content writing, or a mix of the above services, we have the expert teams at edirect to do just that.

“We will also let you know about potential free video advertising”

Display network

When you have created an image ad that shows off your business and products or services, this image can then be displayed on a range of platforms within the Display Network. These ads are usually found in the form of banners or small boxes of media rich content that advertises a product or business service. Display Network Only advertising will let you manage where your display ads will be seen.

You need to place your ads on websites that are relevant to the topic you are advertising as targeting your demographic audience is one of the most essential aspects of Pay Per Click. If you are struggling to decide where your ads should be placed, our knowledgeable team can help you.

Create ads in all formats

It is important in the Display Network Only to create all types of ads from image, videos, and other interactive and media rich forms. The reason for this is that some websites may only support one format, and you need to ensure that your advert can still be seen no matter what content the site supports. Your ads need to be simple and visual, with image ads in particular being a necessity in Pay Per Click campaigns. Additionally, visually appealing ads are essential if you want to attract the viewer and make them follow the link to your site.

Monitor your results

Here at edirect, we will follow the results of your display ads and use this information to work out what alternative strategies we can use in order to get more PPCs for your campaign. Tracking and monitoring your ad placements is important in order to be able to make the necessary changes and to improve your conversion rates.

Remarketing ad services

Remarketing is when you reconnect with visitors to your website that didn’t make a purchase or enquire about your services. It is an incredibly strong online marketing technique that targets an audience that has shown previous interest in your products and services.

There are multiple platforms that can run remarketing ads and, as part of our PPC services at edirect, every customer has the option to create a remarketing campaign.

This service allows you to remarket your services by placing adverts in front of a specific audience that visited your website in the past, while they browse the internet.

Remarketing is a great way to increase sale conversions and boost the profile of your company if the sales process in your industry is time consuming or competitive.

Here at edirect, as part of our AdWords service, we can monitor and manage your remarketing campaign in order to ensure it achieves the success that your business deserves.

We work with both display network and video with consideration given to advert placements, ensuring that your adverts only feature on relevant sites in order to maximise user conversion.

Your adverts will be structured so that only the product or service that the customer previously looked at is reflected in the advert shown to them. Additionally, you will receive full tracking and analysis with every campaign when you choose to work with us at edirect.

To find out more about our paid advertising services, including video advertising, reach out using the contact methods listed below.

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