Video Advertising

Harness the effective marketing power of video

One of the leading marketing strategies making an impact online today is the digital publishing of video content. With more people finding it easier to watch a video online than read a chunk of written content, edirect advise you to join the online marketing revolution today and implement a video ad strategy. Video ads are simply a video advertising your business campaign and products.

YouTube Marketing

Where will you see them?

They run on video sites like YouTube and within Google Display Network videos, games and apps. As well as these popular video platforms, your ads may also run on other sites that have embedded a YouTube video on their pages.

What are they?

They are the ads that you see before main video content is streamed. You may have noticed that when you click on a video, a short-clip advertisement is played. This advert usually runs for five seconds or more before you can skip ahead to the main video. This is where your video advertisement will be played.

These campaigns are also targeted in relation to what video content the user is searching for. When you choose the video campaign, your video will crop up on websites that offer a similar service and will also reach out to people who are viewing a related topic on YouTube.

Why choose a video campaign?

This is a brilliant way to get users hooked. With no other option than to watch the first five seconds, you will have every opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention. Videos are now available on a whole range of media platforms and other websites, so you have more opportunity to increase PPC and get your advertisement seen by the right people.

Navid D.Beni - Head Of Paid Advertising

Navid D.Beni

Head Of Paid Advertising
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