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Online marketing has a huge advantage over offline in that you are able to see exactly where your visitors are coming from and how they interact with your site when they arrive.

Understand and learn from how your users interact with your marketing

When launching any online marketing campaign, whether it is SEO, PPC, affiliate schemes etc. It is essential that an appropriate level of tracking is setup from the start to ensure that there is a clear level of understanding during and following the campaign, so that it can be constantly improved.

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There are a large number of ways to track user activity on your site and optimise to improve performance.

Correct tracking can allow us to identify:

  • Areas of strength and weakness within your site
  • User interactions
  • User interests
  • User motivation
  • Which traffic sources result in a higher conversion rate

Understanding these points will allow us to:

  • Create stronger CTA’s
  • Create stronger content
  • Create better defined conversion paths
  • Create stronger page layouts
  • Understand which advertising streams create more income
  • Refine advertising and target keywords to create more revenue to spend

In addition to this, lower bounce rates and longer time spent on the site will improve organic search rankings.

Before we begin using the tracking data, we will need to create the tracking set up.

First we would need to establish:

  • Tracked traffic sources
  • Tracked landing pages
  • Tracked goal pages
  • The main customer types
  • The associated main conversion paths

Then we would need to set up:

  • Full conversion tracking from traffic source to goal page
  • Heat map software throughout paths

We will be able to report back to you with conversion rates from each main traffic source and for each main conversion path.

“All of our services include tracking setup”

Search engine click through rate

This is a slight crossover between SEO and conversion optimisation, we would identify keywords on which you click through rate is low from search engines despite high ranking. The next steps with these keywords is to identify the page that ranks for each term and optimise the meta title and description to create a stronger call to action and gain the click from the search engine, we appreciate 1 page will rank for many different keywords, so a great deal of care is taken before edits are made to the title and description to cover for all the keywords.

A/B testing

A/B testing is the process of directing 50% of your visitors to one version of a page and 50% to another and identifying which version leads to a higher conversion rate and implementing that page as permanent.

Conversion Funnel analysis

Generally managed using Google Analytics software, this allows us to analyse the various different paths that users take to and through your site. We will be able to identify areas of high drop off rate and analyse those pages to establish the reasons, optimise those pages and reduce the drop off rate at various stages of the funnel, ultimately increasing your conversion rate, this can also be used in conjunction with A/B testing.

Heat map analysis

This will allow us to see how a user interacts with one individual page, if a page has a high bounce or drop off rate heat maps can help us to identify reasons for this, whether that is confusion about what to do next, or they have found themselves on the wrong path. It also allows us to identify the popular areas on a page and bring more attention to them.

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