Bespoke SEO Packages

Affordable Bespoke SEO Packages

For many years SEO has been a service that has been out of the the reach of many smaller local businesses, at least the genuine, good quality, white hat version of the service. This has been due to the amount of work involved in creating good quality SEO campaigns and covering all the possible aspects of ranking in an effective and well structured campaign.

SEO Reporting

How is this now achievable?


edirect have built an efficient in house system to manage SEO campaigns that allows a team of writers, link builders and developers to work on your site. Maximising your existing positives and building on these to create an effective SEO campaign as quickly as possible.

Realistic goals

We will match your keyword research to the current site position, budgets and ROI requirements. By doing this we are able to select realistic ranking targets, there will always be a good level of work involved in achieving any ranking position, however we can take into account those on a lower budget and still build the site rankings for less competitive keywords.


Our in house SEO managers are extensively knowledgeable on building SEO campaigns, allowing them to prioritise the most important changes first and therefore getting the best effect.

Cross marketing

We have a large no of clients on our books. Where all clients are in agreement we can gain huge benefit from cross marketing between our clients, whether they share a town, or have services that are complimentary to each other.

See our SEO service page for an overview of what we provide. Alternatively please see the menu on the right for a detailed description of all aspects of what is delivered during our SEO campaigns.

Sean Dominey - Head of Marketing

Sean Dominey

Head of Marketing
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As we develop our company and staff, we deliver higher quality service.

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