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Knowing What Keyword Research Is Best For Your Company

Any good SEO company will know this is the core to all the work they provide.

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What is keyword research?

A “keyword” is the industry term for what a user will type into the search engine when they are hoping to find a business, a service, information or a specific site. This relates to phrases as well as individual words. It is important to establish what terms the search engine users are entering the most. Google provide some fantastic tools to establish this information. With the use of these tools in addition to some more advanced tools of our own, we are able to establish the very best keywords to target with our SEO strategies to maximise your traffic and sales.

The importance of keyword research

I cannot emphasise enough how important this is. For every business you will always start with an idea of what you think a user would type into the search engine to find a business providing your service or product. I have often been surprised at the results provided by Google and the difference in what the client and I expect to be the best keyword and what actually is. If this step is missed and you just assume the best term to target, you could be putting emphasis on a keyword that no user ever types and even though you may be at the top of the search engine for that keyword, it will produce no traffic to your site.

edirect’s SEO services go one step further

The way Google and other search engines present your search results has been changing rapidly over the last couple of years. Their intelligent search system will present results in different ways dependent on the keyword you type into the search engine. If they feel the user is looking for a local business, they will often return the Google places (maps) results and organic results from your local region, these results are given based on the user’s location, which is often detected by the IP of your internet connection. If they feel the user is looking for general information they will show the standard national results. These are just a couple of search types.

We therefore ensure we have checked the type of search that will be relevant for our targeted keyword. This will allow us to optimise for this keyword using quicker and more efficient techniques.

Google page one analysis

With the growing number of websites in existence, it is now not enough to just establish the most searched keywords. You also need to be realistic in establishing the work required to obtain good rankings for these keywords. At edirect we have the knowledge and understanding, as well as the tools to examine the top ranking sites for your given keyword(s). This will allow us to give a good estimate at the requirements to achieve higher levels of optimisation than the current highest ranking sites.

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