Responsive Web Design

Making sure your website works for all visitors

With the development of technology in the modern era, users are accessing websites across a huge number of different devices. Your website not only needs to be easily viewed across, computers, tablets and mobiles, it is also necessary for it to be compatible with every variation browser and operating system. A responsive design will allow for virtually every different combination. This will allow your site to be viewed by virtually every visitor.

responsive design

In 2016 51% of internet traffic is from mobile devices

Mobile friendly websites rank better in Google search

edirect responsive websites

As of 2014 every website built by edirect is now responsive. We felt that it is now an essential component of any modern website.

Your site will be tested for display across:

  • Desktop browsers
  • Internet explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Android Tablets and Phones
  • I Pads and I Phones

Additional Benefits of Responsive design

As well as ensuring that users can view your website effectively across multiple devices, any user interaction with the website will be easier. Forms will be easier to fill out across different devices, increasing the potential for conversion.

Search engine companies have also recently made it clear that responsive websites will get improved rankings as it is preferable for them to take their users to a responsive website.

Kate Wilangowski - Head of Web Development

Kate Wilangowski

Head of Web Development
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All of our web designs are built to work across all devices


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