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Managing hosting for our web development clients since 2001, edirect offer a highly secure, fast and reliable web hosting service, using Amazon web servers, which are arguably the best in the world, we will take care of all of the management and technical details for you, and we have technical experts one call away to assist you with your requirements.

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Secure servers

All of our websites are hosted on Amazon web servers which are the best in the business. The high-speed servers are extremely secure which make them ideal for website hosting. When you choose our site hosting for your business, you are guaranteed 99.99% uptime. You can relax knowing your website is being hosted on the best servers.

There is no limit on space with our website hosting as you will have unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth for your site so that your business’ potential is not capped.

Unlimited emails and support

When edirect host your website, you will get unlimited emails! You won’t have to periodically delete emails to save space which is handy if you need to store past emails for reference purposes. It also means you can email as many customers as you require. We also provide round-the-clock email support to help you with any issues that you may experience

Do you need web hosting for an E Commerce site? We provide this too.

Optional website management service

If you need to focus on more important matters than running your site, we offer an optional website management service. Our team will ensure your website is kept up to date and take care of all the little things such as updates.

We generally focus on hosting websites that we have developed in-house. However, we are more than happy to discuss moving your website to our hosting services if you want a service that you can count on.

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Kate Wilangowski - Head of Web Development

Kate Wilangowski

Head of Web Development
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Amazon Servers with 99.99% up time, and unlimited emails


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