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When you put a query through search engines like Google, you may notice additional “sponsored” lists at the top and to the side of the results page. These sponsored links are keyword-targeted ads that show up in the first few of the results page and are the outcome of a Search Network Only campaign.

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How does it work?

The Search Network Only campaign works by matching ads to the keywords typed in a users’ search. When a term or a phrase someone searches for is found as a keyword in an ad, the search engine will then register that ad with that keyword and post it at the top of the results page.

How will you benefit?

Your main goal is to get your advertisement seen by as many of your users as possible. These top results are proven to attract around a third of all users’ Pay Per Clicks (PPC). Therefore, with just a simple network platform you will receive more clicks than your usual ad campaign.

By advertising as part of Google AdWords with edirect, we will help you to become a part of this growing marketing strategy. Our knowledge in keyword analytics will help you to find the best phrases to use within your search ads and make you top of the list.


Say someone was searching for “quality bathroom designs”. When a user types this keyword phrase into a search bar, the search engine will crawl through a multitude of ads to find one that uses the same keyword phrase and show that ad as the most reliable source of information. As a result, that advertisement will be at the very top of the search page.

Navid D.Beni - Head Of Paid Advertising

Navid D.Beni

Head Of Paid Advertising
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